The MercOx partner UPPA is chairing the organisation of the 2019 Winter Plasma Spectrochemistry Conference in Pau, France, February 3-8, 2019. WPSCs bring together the major figures in the field of plasma spectrochemistry and about 500 participants to promote exchange on all the topics concerning analytical plasma spectrochemistry and related mass and emission spectrometric techniques, including fundamentals and instrumentation, sample introduction techniques, glow discharge, laser ablation, isotopic analysis, speciation and metallomics, quality control and industrial applications. MercOx participants from WP2 will present thier work at the conference.

MercOx WP2 meeting will be organized on Wednesday February 6th at 4:30 pm (until 6:30 pm), Room: Salle Grenier (Palais Beaumont, conference venue).

Find out more about the conference here.